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Problem discovery & opportunity analysis
We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transform in 2020


Actionable Product strategy
Product strategy that translates your vision into actionable items and aligns with your business strategy, marketing and sales strategies.


Product management processes
Redesign of product management and product marketing process to ensure effective deliverables.


Team competency mapping
Detailed competency mapping based on your current product stage and gap analysis for desired state


Strategy for Productizing services
Business & change management consulting considering vision, current structure of org, business models to navigate the transition


Powering products with AI/IOT
Build a strategic view to integration of AI and IOT into your existing products or services.


Go-to-market strategies
Plan for GTM, including elements like pricing model, positioning and marketing strategies.


Customer journey analysis
Review customer context and map existing and desired customer journeys.

Firms I consult with

Global Capability Centers

I help GCC leaders build product mindset and thinking in their teams. I also help them structure teams and competencies to excel and grow.

Services to product arms

Shifting from IT services to building products seems easy, but there are hidden challenges. I work with leaders to plan factors beyond technology to make the transition successful.

High Energy Startups

Startups face different challenges across their growth stages. I help startups plan strategies and provide coaching for teams to excel at various stages.

SaaS companies

Transitioning from on-premise model to a SaaS model requires a considered effort on various fronts. I help teams plan this transition better.

IOT & analytics firms

I help IOT and analytics startups plan their business strategy, product marketing and market expansion.

Firms building for Next Billion Users

New Internet Users think very differently from existing users, but are key to growth. I help firms understand this segment and plan their product and business strategies.