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Product Expert

Expert Product Coach & Consultant

Over the last twenty years, I have helped the some of the world’s best firms as well as early-stage startups analyze problems, build the right strategies and products, and improve metrics that they and their customers care about.

I take a practical, jargon-free approach to help you grow your business by solving key problems while keeping it fun for you and your users.

Firms I work with

Global Capability Centers

I help GCC leaders build product mindset and thinking in their teams. I also help them structure teams and competencies to excel and grow.

Services to Product Arms

Shifting from IT services to building products seems easy, but there are hidden challenges. I work with leaders to help understand factors beyond technology to make the transition successful.

High Energy Startups

Startups face different challenges across their growth stages. I help startups plan strategies and provide coaching for teams to excel at various stages.

Firms building for Next Billion Users

New Internet Users think very differently from existing users, but are key to growth. I help firms understand this segment and plan their product and business strategies.

IOT & analytics firms

I help IOT and analytics startups plan their business strategy, product marketing and market expansion.

Why Leaders Like Working with Me

Broad Practical Experience

I have consulted with companies building products across various industries like renewable energy, IOT solutions, healthcare, BFSI, consumer tech, e-commerce, food-tech and more. This helps me take a broader view to the challenges faced.

Business Product Tech Linkage

I am qualified by ICCI as an Independent Director for boards in India. I also have hands-on experience with product management, designing UX, defining tech solutions and digital marketing. This helps me take a company first view to solutions.

Bringing Theories to Life

I have co-authored a case study on Design Thinking that’s listed on the Harvard site. I regularly apply principles from various disciplines to solve practical problems facing teams.


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