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Product thinking & problem exploration

I conduct custom workshops to help teams build product thinking muscle as a critical skill. We take issues teams are currently working and work on customer context exploration, problem discovery, product strategy and thinking.

AI integration

I help teams explore various factors like current strengths, competitive movement, AI capabilities and more to look at different new product ideas we could explore and a high-level view of what it would take to bring them to market.

Go-to-market expertise

We simulate a go-to-market exercise on planning positioning, messaging, mock sales events, pricing models and support requirements. We also look at how to influence/manage concerns of other functions within the org and work on internal and external storytelling and product marketing.

Product processes & metrics

I conduct gap analysis and help teams adapt processes and adopt prioritization frameworks, plan product metrics and improve their product processes.

Product leadership

We explore changes in graduating to a leadership role, planning team performance and improving interactions with senior leaders from other functions.

Platform thinking

We explore differences in product vs platform thinking, run thought experiments on evolving platforms and strategy and explore Metrics for platform utilization and business models for these.

Why Leaders Like Working with Me

Broad Practical Experience

I have consulted with companies building products across various industries like renewable energy, IOT solutions, healthcare, BFSI, consumer tech, e-commerce, food-tech and more. This helps me take a broader view to the challenges faced.

Business Product Tech Linkage

I am qualified by ICCI as an Independent Director for boards in India. I also have hands-on experience with product management, designing UX, defining tech solutions and digital marketing. This helps me take a company first view to solutions.

Bringing Theories to Life

I have co-authored a case study on Design Thinking that’s listed on the Harvard site. I regularly apply principles from various disciplines to solve practical problems facing teams.


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